French-Chinese Blockchain Association

AFCB (French-Chinese Blockchain Association) was established in Lyon, France in 2019. AFCB provides information sharing opportunities for members through social media and events. The association is committed to promoting the exchange of blockchain industry between France and China, enhancing the deeper understanding of both markets, and providing support and assistance to individuals and teams in the blockchain industry.

Blockchain technology is a technical solution that does not rely on third parties to store, verify, communicate and communicate network data through its own distributed nodes. Blockchain technology is considered to be the most disruptive technological innovation since the invention of the Internet. It relies on cleverly distributed algorithms of cryptography and mathematics. It can be used on the Internet where trust cannot be established without the intervention of any third-party center. Participants reached a consensus to solve the problem of reliable delivery of trust and value at a very low cost.

The association aims to bring together experts in Sino-French blockchain technology, exchange and discuss new concepts, development directions and industrial innovations of global blockchain technology, and focus on and summarize the blockchain industry strategy and corporate blockchain technology in China and France. Develop, use the collective experience and wisdom, carry out analysis and discussion on the new technology of blockchain, build a high-end blockchain technology professional think tank, and commit to use information technology to drive innovation and help enterprises transform to the pass-through economy. Advice on specific areas.